Monday, August 13, 2012

Lucky Strike

Rau'shee Warren is back on the track. He is the first American fighter to participate in three Olympic Games. His star rose in 2007th when he became World Champion in the Chicago tournament. Since then Warren failed to achieve something more than bronze medals in the next two World Championships. In 2004th Rau`shee became the youngest boxer in the Athens Olympics and the youngest US male in all sports.
Today amateur boxing is a good start for many boxers who want to continue their careers in the professional sport. It is obvious that money is the matter. But for Warren the Olympics Games are more special. Losing the previous tournaments, this time he wants to win the Final. ` No less than a gold`, said Warren. A gold medal from the London Olympics could be a kick start for his future professional career. And this time there will be no excuses. He wants his gold, and he wants it bad.
The financial stimulus in the professional boxing attracts many amateur boxers. Next year we will see the launch of the International Boxing Association`s Professional Boxing, a tournament in which boxers will receive regular salaries but will still be allowed to compete in the 2016th Rio Olympics. But there is a unique feeling when presenting your country at the Olympics. Many people want to be a part of this ancient tradition called Olympiad. Warren knows it better. His time is now or never and he will show his best boxing skills to get the title in his last Games.
The Olympic principle that the participation at the Games is more important than winning itself is not valid for Warren. `Luck is not the matter`, he added, ` the hard work is more important`. Warren knows already that he is in the foothills of the mount Olympus.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

… And Olympic Games for All

The Olympic Games are just beginning, but most of the people look forward to see the new basketball champion. Everyone is talking about the new `Dream team`, pointing at USA as one of the best team in London. American players won the warm-ups just before the London Games. They have impressed with a strong play and excellent teaming. There is no doubt that the American basketball games will be the most visited events at the Olympic Games, more popular even than the British participation.
For almost twenty years NBA has become the most popular and recognizable basketball championship in the world. People still remember the great players from the `90s and their powerful teams. These players have been the base of the American `Dream team` from the 1992nd Barcelona Games. Since FIBA allowed players from NBA to participate in the Olympic Games, the Americans are always a factor in the tournament.
The basketball is considered as a traditional American sport. Most people do not know that as a modern sport basketball has been established by an American teacher. To be part of the American basketball team is a matter of pride. Already famous and rich, the NBA monsters gather to execute beautiful and attractive basketball.
Nowadays the NBA is a home for many players outside the USA. The level of the national teams is higher than decades ago. The biggest opponents of the American team are Spain, Argentina, France, Russia, China, Germany, Serbia and Italy. In most of these teams, there are players that take part in the NBA circus.
Can we expect another American victory, or the title will go another team?! The European teams are hungry for glory and they will not hesitate anymore and miss the chances of another Olympic Games.